Binance spot top 10 volume ratio

Binance spot top 10 volume ratio

Binance spot top 10 volume ratio displays the ratio of the volume of the most trading symbols in Binance spot market as a stacked bar chart. The quote assets of the symbols are all USDT. And a line chart with a series name ‘SUM’ is a sum of the volumes in USDT. The following is how it is coded. First I queried daily candlestick data by using `get_raw_data_in_df` function to use ‘quote_volume’ data. Quote_volume is a volume of the symbol in a quote asset value. In this case, the quote asset is USDT. Then, I merged them in a dataframe variable named ‘merged’, and calculated sum of the quote_volumes. Next I calculated volume ratio by dividing the quote_volume by the sum and multiplying by 100. In visualization, I set both x-axis’s value and type as the time. Then, I added series for volume ratio and the sum. To show that this chart is a 100% ratio chart, I’ve activated stack option for each volume ratio series. Multiple y-axis is also applied to take apart y-axis of the sum from the others.

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